Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 35 | Page 63

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Software for Business CRS Engage platform builds a more engaged workforce ///////////////////////////// H uman capital management specialist CRS Technologies has launched its employee engagement solution, Engage, which is designed to provide organisations with an innovative resource management and reporting platform. Engage empowers HR practitioners with the insights required to ensure employees are aligned with the company purpose by clearly defining their roles to accomplish it. It features a full designation library with standard job descriptions that can be customised according to business requirements. “Research indicates that customers’ experience of a business begins with how its employees experience it,” said Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS Technologies. “By creating an engaged workforce, the business can deliver on the moments that matter and gain significant differentiation in a highly competitive market.” As such, HR has become less about implementing processes and is today more geared towards creating an employee experience that drives sustainable business performance. their jobs where they can improve and better align to the broader organisational strategy,” said McAlister. “Companies need to find new ways of tapping into the potential of their workforce,” added McAlister. Team performance and management for short-term and ad hoc projects can be easily tracked, providing employees and management with all the relevant information at a glance. “They require a platform that allows them to easily set goals and expectations while having real-time insights into performance reporting. This means having complete transparency about the obstacles employees face and finding more effective ways to overcome them. This is the true value that Engage delivers.” At a fundamental level, Engage reimagines the employee experience in a digital-centric way. This means giving them access to an easy-to-use interface on their smartphones where they are not only able to manage leave, access pay slips and so on, but also track their performance. “This ensures employees always have sight of what must be achieved, including insight into areas of This creates a healthy, competitive environment internally where teams will strive to reach their respective goals faster and more effectively. “Giving employees this information keeps them motivated and aligned with the overarching organisational vision,” added McAlister. “They feel more in control of what must be accomplished and how to do so. Additionally, a platform like Engage can deliver better employee commitment, resulting in reduced staff turnover. It is all about taking care of the organisation’s most valuable asset – its people.” n INTELLIGENTCIO 63