Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 35 | Page 47

////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// that and just paying a monthly subscription to Microsoft to host that from an Office 365 point of view. Ask any Exchange admin and they’re all going to say yes to that, providing that their job isn’t going to rely totally on that. We’re in a world where everything is changing. An Exchange admin that spends 15 years in every single Exchange version for the last 15 years might have a bit of a problem letting that go out of his control and reach. But that comes back to education. Now you can be a SaaS administrator and look after that workload and actually provide something better for the business; your skills won’t be lost. FEATURE: SAAS What would you say are the current trends around SaaS? MC: Office 365 is something that we’ve really got behind and we’re investigating others. There are a lot of SaaS products out there because they make it simple. What we’re seeing in the data centre is that they want simplicity because they can do something more with it. If you take away that management or administration overhead, then you’re only going to increase the productivity of your IT team to do more. We’re also investigating other SaaS workloads that offer data Ken Ringdahl, VP, Global Alliances Architecture, Veeam INTELLIGENTCIO 47