Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 43 | Page 23

INFOGRAPHIC hourly cost per employee at R140 per hour multiplied by 50 users, divided by two – to cater for the end-users only being half idle. Profitability When a team responsible for generating revenue is impacted by an IT failure, the loss of hourly profitability can be measured. For example, a sales team that generates R90,000 a day in profit, would lose R10,000 for every hour of the IT failure. “The cost of the server going down halfway through a workday with one day to bring the services live again could cost a business of 50 employees approximately R202,500. No two businesses are the same, but this guide can provide any company with a first step towards understanding what a technology failure looks like in hard cash. The next step is to take the calculations to the stakeholders involved in decision making processes to acquire the necessary budget to avoid the potential cost of the problem,” says Searle. • “ THE HUMAN COST IS RELEVANT BECAUSE THE BUSINESS IS ESSENTIALLY PAYING THE EMPLOYEE FOR IDLE TIME DURING IT FAILURES. INTELLIGENTCIO 23