Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 43 | Page 37

FEATURE: DATA FEATURE: CENTRES applications in containers. An active-active recovery environment versus a traditional active-passive one means fewer capacity issues, particularly around ‘reporting and marking’ season, when the system undergoes immense pressure three times a year as educators need to upload, crosscheck and share information regularly. “We have seen a massive increase in our ability to scale and prioritise workloads, right down to a code and development level. We are planning to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our VMware solution to help us dynamically allocate infrastructure and resources. Looking ahead, we want to use behavioural AI to help prioritise IT services as well as map our responses to events,” Vlok said. “Ultimately, we can now incubate innovative technical solutions and if we fail, we can fail quickly with minimal consequences. This allows us to deploy innovative solutions faster than ever.” Gerhard Horn, Data Centre Architect at First Technology, Western Cape, said: “Curro is an excellent example of a learning institution that understands the modern learners needs. By adapting to the times and embracing new technologies as a tool to modernise its approach to education, its clients which are its learners, are the true beneficiaries. “Working with Curro as an IT partner has been a very rewarding experience as it is deeply committed to reducing the costs of education to learners, and consistently turns to technology to facilitate. “The organisation’s approach to innovation and the way in which its IT teams have embraced the agility afforded to them with a VMware- Software Define Data Centre (SDDC) highlights how it is not just trying to stay ahead of modern education, but setting the standard today. Its foresight of the importance of distance and remote learning is particularly relevant today as we face global challenges that demand flexibility in remote working and learning solutions,” added Horn. Looking ahead “We are creating the most comprehensive educational technology platform available today. It must serve school administrators, teachers, parents and learners through an innovative digitally integrated experience,” said Vlok. • OUR CENTRALISED ENTERPRISE NETWORK IS A KEY DIFFERENTIATOR IN OUR APPROACH TO THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY. INTELLIGENTCIO 37