Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 43 | Page 42

COUNTRY FOCUS: NAMIBIA Namibia is one of the countries benefitting from a SAP solution from Converge that is delivering a powerful healthcare solution for African hospitals. SAP and Converge Solutions deliver powerful healthcare solution for African hospitals The most recent client that has implemented Converge’s SAP solution is Fresenius Medical Care, which has deployed it as a key building block in enabling its World Class Patient Experience vision. The solution is centrally deployed in a private cloud environment and used across Fresenius’ 67 clinics in South Africa and Swaziland, as well as Namibia. Complex business models, combined with immense pressure to deliver great patient experiences and outcomes, has African healthcare providers turning to technology to improve their operational efficiency and automate back-office operations. This task is now far less daunting with the launch of a new technology platform designed by Converge Solutions and the SAP Co-Innovation Lab specifically for the African healthcare market. “Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to deliver improved patient experiences and streamline their operations with mounting financial constraints,” said Johann Joubert, CEO at Converge Solutions. “The answer to affordable, improved patient care is not always more staff, controls or administrative processes, but greater adoption of technology that aids automates and simplifies, allowing more effective use of available resources. “Modern healthcare organisations simply cannot function optimally without applying technology as a key enabler of their operations. In light of this, we co-developed an innovative, modern SAP IS-H and Cerner offering to create a fit-for-purpose solution for the African healthcare market.” Converge Solutions is a SAP partner organisation that develops innovative solutions for African organisations in the healthcare and financial services industries. The healthcare solution was developed partly through a co-innovation exercise held in collaboration with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, a global network of SAP product and innovation labs found in 16 locations 42 INTELLIGENTCIO