Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 43 - Page 15

NEWS Safaricom launches Lipa Na M-PESA business app Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom Kenya-based telco Safaricom, has launched a Lipa Na M-PESA business smartphone app for the more than 170,000 merchants on the service. Dubbed M-PESA for Business, the app empowers business owners to access real-time statements, export statements and track their business performance on the go. South African data privacy laws come into force South Africa’s long awaited data privacy laws have finally come into force, giving anyone processing personal information in the country a 12-month grace period to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPI). From July 1, 2021, any non-compliance with PoPI will have consequences. Enforcement mechanisms under PoPI include penalties up to R10 million (US$ 590,500) civil proceedings instituted by data subjects, and criminal offences and fines in some circumstances. The sections that have commenced on July 1, 2020 regulate how personal information (which is any information that can identify and infringe the privacy rights of a natural or juristic person) may be processed in South Africa or transferred across borders. Anyone processing personal information will now have an obligation to notify the Information Regulator of any unauthorised access to personal information, especially with the growing number of cyberbreaches. Sections relating to the amendment of laws and the effective transfer of functions under the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 to the Information Regulator will only come into force on June 30, 2021. The repeal of data privacy provisions in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 will only take effect on June 30, 2021. • Through the app, entrepreneurs can withdraw funds from Lipa Na M-PESA to their M-PESA accounts, bank accounts or at an agent. In addition, business owners with a business till can now send money to other M-PESA customers including paying wages, paying for supplies and make payments to other businesses all through the app. Peter Ndegwa, CEO, Safaricom, said: “At Safaricom, we are taking a focus on the needs of small and medium businesses to provide them with suitable technology solutions to help them grow.” Ndegwa said the M-PESA for Business smartphone app is one such solution as it empowers more than 170,000 businesses across the country to send money, make payments and provides them with simple and detailed reports from the convenience of the mobile phone. “In addition to making transactions from their Lipa Na M-PESA tills, the app offers additional management features such as an overview of different tills for business owners with multiple outlets and till usage management.” INTELLIGENTCIO 15