Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 43 - Page 53

CASE STUDY AFRICA IS READY FOR DIGITISATION, AND WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN GOOD TRACTION IN SA WITH OUR MUKURU CARD PRODUCT. On the two days before Christmas last year we were doing three transactions a second in peak periods, if we were thinking about that five years ago that would have been nigh on impossible for us to envisage. So, at the same time, making use of the AWS stacks that we can spin servers up and run them down when we don’t need to, and having that sort of dexterity in our DevOps team, has been critical for us. Do you have any partners that you work with? We have a whole range of partners through the value chain. We do have the benefit of having first-to-last mile capabilities ourselves. So, if you did want to, you could sign up at a Mukuru branch, you could pay for your transaction at a Mukuru branch or using our card, somebody could pick it up on the other side at a Mukuru booth for example. But our business has really been built with partnerships that we have with retailers, with payment aggregators, with card processers, with pay-out partners on the other side and depending on the territory, we work with physical logistics partners, cash-in and cash-out partners, and people who assist us in the technological chain where they are far better suited to provide the service than we can. Can you mention who your partners are? Through our partnerships we have over 300,000 pay-in and pay-out points across Africa. We’ve partnered with major banks in all the territories we operate in – if we don’t have a licence, particularly at the outset of a product or service offering, in the country, then we have to use an authorised dealer bank. We work with the big retailers in South Africa, that have been exceptional at making their branch infrastructure with their footprint available to digital services. So we work with all the big retailers in South Africa and similarly so in other territories, so companies like Shoprite, Pick n Pay,Boxer, Spar, PEP, Massmart, complemented by mobile wallets like mPesa – a range of key names. • INTELLIGENTCIO 53