Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 58 | Page 20

Bethwel Opil , Enterprise Sales Manager , Kaspersky in Africa
• Do not trust SMS . Mobile malware uses text messages , so users should never respond to requests for credit card details or other private information
• Check your browser for the lock symbol . The lock icon in the address bar indicates that the sight is secure when entering personal data
• Install apps from reputable sources . Popular shopping sites such as Amazon or eBay have their own mobile applications . You must check to see they are the official apps from the company before you initiate a download . This can be done by checking the developer information and user ratings on the download page installed , a Trojan-Proxy allows an attacker to use the infected device as a proxy to connect to the Internet .
“ Mobile malware remains a significant threat for corporate and personal users across Africa . These attacks are usually very diverse with hackers leveraging a range of methodologies and technologies to compromise victim ’ s devices . Trojan-downloaders and Trojan-droppers are especially dangerous given their potential to contain significantly damaging payloads ,” said Bethwel Opil , Enterprise Sales Manager , Kaspersky in Africa .
In addition to installing cybersecurity solutions on their mobile devices , like Kaspersky Total Security , here are a few additional ways users can enhance their security :
• Create a strong password . By putting a strong password on their smartphone , the device can become unusable if it is lost or stolen and the password attempt fails a certain number of times
Android ’ s own security has changed dramatically since the first devices were released with Android 1.6 Donut when it became the most dominant OS on the market . The development of Google Play Protect is worth highlighting and the rights of apps have since been severely restricted , as now they have to request all permissions from users explicitly . Moreover , the security subsystem was moved to a separate updatable component , independent of the device manufacturer . Yet there is one thing both the old 1.6 version and the latest Android 11 have in common which significantly compromises the operating system ’ s security : the freedom to install apps from third-party sources . It ’ s great in terms of OS userfriendliness , but it gives all sorts of cybercriminals a real “ window of opportunity ” from a security point of view . It ’ s also the reason why third-party distribution platforms for Android apps have mushroomed .
Kaspersky ’ s comprehensive security portfolio includes endpoint protection and a number of specialised security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats . Over 400 million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies and the vendor helps 240,000 corporate clients protect what matters most to their organisation . p
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