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How to succeed with cloud solutions

As cloud strategies become increasingly vital and complex , CIOs can help organisations avoid risk and ensure a successful , cost-effective transition to the cloud . Industry experts share with Intelligent CIO Africa on how to ensure success with cloud solutions .

Cloud-based solutions refer to on-demand services , computer networks , storage , applications or resources accessed via the Internet and through another provider ’ s shared cloud computing infrastructure . The benefits of cloud solutions to end-users and businesses include increased capacity , scalability , functionality and reduced maintenance and cost for computer infrastructure or in-house staff . Additionally , cloudbased solutions can enable companies to focus on revenue driving initiatives rather than time-consuming , non-core business tasks .

According to research firm International Data Corporation ( IDC ), the wider Middle East , Turkey and Africa ( META ) region , will see public cloud spending increase to US $ 2.8 billion by the end of 2020 , a figure which will rise to US $ 6.5 billion by 2024 . IDC stated that the need for agile cloud-based platforms , secure remote access and seamless collaboration tools are all key influences over cloud spending , as businesses seek to not only aid recovery , but also steady growth .
Osama Al-Zoubi , CTO , Cisco Middle East and Africa ( MEA ), said businesses across the Middle East are increasingly recognising the potential of cloud to streamline processes and are investing in cloud solutions to help properly structure and store their data . “ This is something we are witnessing across both the public and private sector , as businesses of all sizes focus on cloud deployment within their personal digitisation agendas ,” he said . “ The ultimate catalyst for accelerated cloud adoption has been the COVID-19 pandemic , which caused decisionmakers to implement more robust digital solutions in today ’ s world of remote and agile working . Companies are fast realising the benefits of cloud solutions to improve performance – and this is happening on a large scale in the Middle East , as businesses focus on technologyled transformation , creating smart workplaces and enhancing customer experience .”
Hamilton Ratshefola , Country General Manager , IBM Southern Africa , said hybrid cloud is swiftly becoming the dominant force driving change in the region .
Ratshefola added that with remote work now becoming a norm , the value of cloud computing has never been greater . “ And to date , we ’ ve seen many companies move to all-encompassing work from home without much interruption – thanks in large part to cloud . Dozens of business-oriented applications are now connecting homebound workers to collaborative tools that enable Business Continuity ,” he said . “ The cloudbased support of video conferencing , file-sharing services , communications platforms , chat bots and
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