Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 58 | Page 51

CASE STUDY looking for a partner that could not only provide the security technology required but one that could help the organisation in their adoption of industry best practices for financial data protection and data lifecycle management .
Performance and recoverytime objectives
With the company ’ s increasing reliance on digital information processing and data driven decision making , Jubilee Insurance saw an opportunity to increase both profitability and customer satisfaction by increasing the performance and reliability of its network infrastructure .
Network downtime had been leading to delays in new claims , which could be directly quantified in terms of lost revenue . And while it was acknowledged that occasional disruption might be inevitable , any service recovery time in excess of two hours would no longer be accepted .
A broad , integrated and automated solution
After a thorough evaluation of potential partners and their solutions , Jubilee Insurance chose Fortinet .
“ I was particularly impressed with Fortinet ’ s collaborative approach to addressing our unique challenges ,” said Stanley Chege , Group Chief Information Officer , Jubilee Holdings Limited . “ Not only did the Fortinet Security Fabric approach represent the complete and well-integrated solution from a technology standpoint , but they also helped to provide much of the content we needed to train our employees and partners in the best practices of financial data protection .”
With deep integration across Fortinet ’ s product portfolio , the Fortinet Security Fabric reduces the complexity of supporting multiple point products and automates IT security workflows for increased operational efficiency .
Similarly , application performance came under scrutiny – both for employees and for customers – with the aim of improving efficiency as well as the overall customer experience .
The first line of defence in the chosen solution was the FortiGate next-generation firewall ( NGFW ). With most enterprise network traffic protected with secure sockets layer ( SSL )/ transport layer security ( TLS ), and
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