Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 58 | Page 53

To create a central dashboard through which Chege and the team would have full 360-degree visibility and control of the entire network security infrastructure , FortiManager , FortiAnalyzer , and FortiSIEM were deployed as virtual machines in the cloud .
This dashboard , combined with the advanced automation and response capabilities of the Fortinet Security Fabric , with its proactive threat detection and correlation , allows Jubilee Insurance to reduce the time taken to detect and mitigate threats and thereby eliminate most of the security risks that might otherwise arise from configuration errors and manual data compilation .
The solution leverages external threat intelligence provided by FortiGuard Labs , which collates and processes the data from millions of anonymised sensors and over 400 global partners around the world using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to identify unique features for both known and unknown threats .
“ The Fortinet Security Fabric solution is helping us to meet all of our security and data protection challenges ,” added Chege . “ Our customers and their data are protected , our senior executives and shareholders are protected , and through the performance and reliability improvements , we ’ ve been able to increase our overall efficiency and profitability .” p
• Achieved full compliance with new data protection legislation
• Enhanced customer experience with faster , smoother claim processing
• Accelerated application performance and reduced latency
• Maintain uptime at 99.9 %
• Greater security and data privacy
• FortiGate
• FortiWeb
• FortiAuthenticator
• FortiToken
• FortiNAC
• FortiSIEM
• FortiManager
• FortiAnalyzer
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