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“ SANBS issued an RFP once the initial three-year contract had expired , and we decided to award the new contract to Datacentrix ,” said Singh . “ Response on the units from our donors has been phenomenal and not only are they able to use the free service to access the Internet during the blood donation process , but mobile clinic staff can access SANBS ’ central database when needed to access donor information .
“ We have built an excellent working relationship with Datacentrix over this time , and the entire team , from back office staff to executives , has been brilliant . Each member goes out of their way to get things done . In particular , Datacentrix bent over backwards to ensure that we received equipment needed over the lockdown period .
L – R : Savan Marimuthu , Senior Account Manager ,
Datacentrix and Amit Singh , Senior Manager
agreement recently came to maturity and having followed its due request for proposal ( RFP ) business process in order to gauge the current marketplace , SANBS opted to award the new three-year tender to Datacentrix . SANBS plans to add additional units to cover more of its mobile donor clinics .
“ And it ’ s not just our engagement with Datacentrix that has been fantastic , the price point is very competitive as well . As an organisation , SANBS is dependent on technology to be able to operate and Datacentrix continues to add value and has done everything it can to make our lives easier ,” Singh said . p
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