Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 65 | Page 16



Resiliency is key
Proactivity is the driving force behind Business Continuity . No matter the operational
context , the most resilient companies build a strategic plan that ultimately helps them identify and protect vital processes within their organisation .
There has been much progress with digital tools and cloud-based applications .


future-proof their data centres to reduce the risk of unexpected downtime .
We have compiled the key insights and trends that data centre professionals are evaluating today to help boost the resiliency of their data centre infrastructure . p
These new cutting-edge digital platforms use analytics and AI to give stakeholders access to more accurate data , helping them monitor their data centre activity . This digitalisation is a key driver in ensuring businesses are resilient in times of crisis .
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Stakeholders expect the best , most up-to date information about how a company is responding to an emergency . They also need assurance that they can work quickly to understand what needs done next if there ’ s ever another disaster at hand .
The end goal for these organisations is to use constantly evolve with new technology to increase visibility , improve operational resiliency and ultimately ,
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