Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 65 | Page 35

“ We believe it is selecting the correct , or most appropriate technology for the business ’ needs and understanding that SDN can accommodate their specific business , as opposed to shoehorning the business into the old networks that lacked the kind of tailoring and customisation that makes SDN a fit-forpurpose solution ,” said Van Rayne . “ As a first step , this is largely a change in mindset . Once CIOs have clarity on what is available and an understanding of what is possible , they can leverage these to architect and modernise their networks with greater ease .”
Common mistakes
Despite the caution that CIOs and IT teams take when deploying SDN , they still face challenges . According to Snell , It ’ s important to guide CIO ’ s so that they can avoid pitfalls before moving forward with implementation , and they can do this by asking three areas namely : Are current network function capabilities built into the SDN technology ? Are they extensible , will the SDN technology help solve for the unknown and Can the solution support exponential thinking ?
Rudeon Snell , Global Senior Director : Industries and Customer Advisory , SAP
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