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“ Sage Intacct provides reports , dashboards , and visualisations in near-real-time , whereas it used to take a week to generate management reports . The platform enables data to be sliced and diced across dimensions to get different views without producing individual reports . As a cloud platform for multidimensional reporting , it also facilitates the rapid addition of new brands and stores to our portfolio ,” he said .
learnings through our 11 Sage Intacct implementations since release ,” Ryan said .
He explained that the certified Sage Intacct team members have extensive experience in ERP and related systems , some with professional financial certifications , so we offered both product and business expertise .
Following the implementation of Sage Intacct , the company ’ s financial team has improved and streamlined its processes .
“ Our financial information was tied up in manual processes . Now , our financial teams are saving days each month , while supporting business leaders with accurate , real-time insights .
“ The ease of integration with our other business systems , the ease of use , and how it empowers endusers are also compelling benefits . We ’ ve been able to create custom dashboards and management reports without needing in-depth training ,” he said .
Going forward , Life & Brand is bedding down the implementation of Sage Intacct , including adding new modules such as fixed assets and project accounting . “ We are also preparing integrations with Life & Brand ’ s workflow , point of sale and business intelligence system to automate data capture processes that currently require manual intervention ,” Smith said .
Ryan added that AWCape has invested in extensive training to certify its consultants on Sage Intacct . “ The extensive training was aided over the past year by North American Sage Intacct product specialists and
“ We deployed the initial system in less than a month , getting Life & Brand up and running in time for a financial year-end deadline . Development is ongoing – we work with Life & Brand and partners like Synatic to enrich the functionality of the system and integrate it with other business platforms ,” he said .
With Sage Intacct in place , Life & Brand has a scalable and flexible finance backbone that will support its plans for expansion in the months to come .
According to Ryan , the platform will evolve alongside the business , allowing Life & Brand to plug in new functionality as required . “ As a cloud-based platform , Sage Intacct allows Life & Brand to focus on running its business , not its IT environment .
“ What has been great to see , is also the returnon-investment . Daniel and his team have got by working closely with us during implementation . Daniel in particular , has learnt how to use the powerful reporting and dashboard functionality and produced many powerful reports combining financial and operational data . This has given Life & Brand powerful real-time insights into their operations which allows faster decision making to save costs and drive revenue growth .” p
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