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CASE STUDY success of this project . “ The vision and ambition were clear . We searched for an innovative , reputable and sustainable solution ,” added Nassar . for higher mid-band frequencies such as C-band . The result is a system that supports 2G through 5G over a standard set of nodes and cabling .
CommScope was able to provide Orange Cameroon with various reiterations of the ERA DAS solution , specific to Olembe Stadium ’ s capacity , architecture and technology needs . This enabled Orange to select the optimal solution within project guidelines and budget .
The CommScope solution
CommScope ’ s solution had to provide subscribers with an improved user experience without disruptions during the event . CommScope ’ s reputation as a global leader in the in-building / large public venues space-as well as their experience in providing similar infrastructure projects to stadiums in South Africa and France-resulted in the business being awarded to them .
The CommScope solution deployed at the Olembe stadium was its all-digital ERA distributed antenna system ( DAS ), designed to deliver high-performance in-building connectivity with multi-operator and multi-technology functionality . The DAS solution also included all the required passive antennas as well as fibre and coaxial cabling . The ERA system , being modular and scalable , was designed to support cellular coverage and capacity demands as well as the scale to deliver 5G .
The solution supports 5G in existing frequency bands , with no changes required to existing connections . ERA offers a mid-band feeder module and access points
CommScope ’ s AIMOS was also implemented in the stadium . The Advanced Integrated Management and Operating System ( AIMOS ) is CommScope ’ s comprehensive monitoring platform for distributed antenna systems and repeater solutions . AIMOS is a Windows-based application that supervises and monitors the operation of all active elements within CommScope ’ s repeater and fibre DAS systems . The AIMOS network management platform ties everything together by providing real-time automated support with robust configuration , fault finding and inventory management capabilities .
The implementation of the fully digital DAS solution is a first of its kind in Cameroon .
“ CommScope DAS solution had already been tested and deployed with Orange Group in some European stadiums . The DAS solution isn ’ t just for us , but the cross-platform capabilities allow other operators to benefit from the deployment as well ,” added Nassar .
Regional challenges during deployment
CommScope products were shipped from China , Germany , and the Netherlands with third-party electrical and fibre-optic products sourced from South Africa . CommScope worked with two partners-namely Clean IT Services and IMAX Wireless-to ensure the successful implementation of the solution .
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