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Anthony James , VP of Product Marketing at Infoblox , provides an insight into Infoblox ’ s survey into the global state of security , including the impact of remote workers .

Today ’ s cybersecurity challenges are not that much different than from past years , with one slight twist – the attack surface has dramatically shifted . The pandemic forced us to rethink our IT environment as most users had no choice but to work remotely , relying on their residential Internet services . This dramatic shift didn ’ t give us any time to plan connectivity or security .

The result is that every user ’ s device can become a potential threat . But this article is not another discussion about the perils of working from home ; it ’ s about understanding how this new paradigm affects the security thought process and what organisations have experienced concerning their security posture based on this new normal .
We recently commissioned a survey to understand the global state of security , including the impact of
VPN took the lion ’ s share of investments in the past 12 months .
remote workers . It was completed with over 1,100 IT and cybersecurity decision-makers and influencer participants , covering 11 countries .
The participants also shed some insight into current threats and anticipated investments designed to prevent ransomware and other serious security concerns . Unsurprisingly , the report highlights that moving to a remote work environment contributed to an increase in security incidents , including data loss , ransomware , and attacks via cloud services . The result of the survey is a summary of all respondents , as well as multiple regional / country-specific reports .
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