Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 68 | Page 43

COUNTRY FOCUS : KENYA improving , survey finds

survey offers a “ people-centred ” perspective that can be used by stakeholders to understand where to direct new investments as well as develop relevant policies that can accelerate Kenya ’ s next stage of digital development – one that can boost the livelihoods of Kenyans across the country at all income levels .
Despite the country ’ s undisputable Digital Transformation , the study revealed critical areas that if addressed would further deepen Kenyans ’ participation in the digital economy .
The national addressing system presents a critical opportunity within on-going government efforts to unlock more e-commerce and digital trade opportunities . 40 % of e-commerce platform users reported challenges in receiving
With Kenya now embracing the digital economy as the foundation for creating an empowered society , it ’ s critical to capture how that is currently playing out in the everyday digital experience of Kenyans across the country .
deliveries due to lack of precise street addresses and logistics complications .
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