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Better , faster and cheaper
After being referred to DMP SA , the teams met to discuss the best solution to meet BidAir Cargo ’ s requirements , including a complete backup of physical servers , hosts , and virtual machines . Ultimately , the decision came down to cost in relation to functionality , and the quoted solution from DMP SA was under budget while meeting every requirement . From beginning discussions to completed implementation took less than two weeks , including migration of all servers into a local data centre with physical host servers and virtual servers , as well as interconnects and third-party integrations .
Goosen said : “ With our new backup solution , we can restore our full server back to the time of the latest snapshot . We have twice daily backups going back 90 days , monthly backups going back for a year , and annual backups for the past five years , more than meeting best practice standards and our minimum requirements .”
From days to minutes
The automated backup and recovery system ensures that business critical data is always available and
BidAir Cargo at a glance
BidAir Cargo is a leading virtual cargo airline providing solutions and related services to the express logistics industry . Together with its partners , the company ’ s services can connect you to all major airports in South Africa . Its ongoing commitment to innovation has allowed it to continuously increase the cargo capacity and develop specialised services that meet the growing needs of customers . The company prides itsself on never compromising on service delivery when it comes to transporting customers ’ cargo . BidAir Cargo offers speed and reliability when you have an urgent shipment that needs to be delivered on time through the company ’ s airportto-airport solutions .
Whether customers need to ship courier material , temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals , show horses or heavy machinery parts the BidAir Cargo team will deliver a reliable , cost-effective and tailored solution . The company has capacity on passenger or freighter aircraft , full or part-charters or even re-routing of freighter operations to meet a customer ’ s shipment requirements .
downtime is minimised . Each morning , BidAir Cargo receives a status report confirming the health of backups and detailing any errors that occurred and that were fixed . BidAir Cargo has tested the system as well as experienced real scenarios that required data to be recovered , and all incidents met the required recovery time objectives .
“ We have challenged the system with a complete shutdown like we experienced during the past ransomware attack , and instead of three days to recover , it took just 46 minutes from the report being logged to being completely back up and running with a full copy of the latest backup data ,” said Goosen .
In addition , at the beginning of October 2021 , corrupt critical folders linked to several websites caused the sites to be inaccessible . The incident was detected and within a few minutes DMP SA had remotely restored the folders , seamlessly , minimising downtime and thus impact to customer service .
BidAir Cargo has also performed three quarterly Disaster Recovery tests for audit purposes since the system went live , and each was a complete success .
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