Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 70 | Page 67

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With the rise of cloud and colocation , data centre providers are seeing huge opportunities for growth . The rate of digitisation has caused companies to rethink their business strategies to ensure sustainability initiatives are front of mind . Here we explore how companies are making data centre sustainability a key focus by reducing gas emissions though innovations in water cooling systems , for example . Andrea Moscheni , Product Manager at Vertiv , explains how some radical shifts in technology are making unnecessary electricity consumption a thing of past and tells us how organisations can take advantage of these innovations with speed , cost and environmental benefits all being made more efficient .

The role of the data centre is rapidly evolving . With our reliance on digital services growing and the prospect of a future virtual world , this demand is not expected to slow down . The role that data centres will play is only accelerating . Providers are recognising the wealth of opportunities , with cloud and colocation being forecasted to grow 9 – 11 % annually . At the same time , data centre providers are embracing strict policies to drastically reduce their carbon emissions to achieve sustainability targets .

Data centre sustainability
Major data centre operators have signed The Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and many more are moving in the same direction ; the industry has committed to climate neutrality by 2030 , ensuring that sustainability is now a key element of any business process .
Chilled water systems are a viable way for data centre providers to not only support their growth costeffectively and with minimal disruption , but also reduce their carbon footprint and help meet sustainability objectives . The reduction of emissions goes through two fundamental aspects : the reduction of direct emissions and the reduction of indirect emissions .
Reduction of the direct emissions ( refrigerant GWP )
Global warming potential ( GWP ) describes the relative impact of a greenhouse gas and the timespan that
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