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The Aurum Institute on automating business processes and how it ’ s using IT to drive innovation and execute efficiently against its strategic mandate .
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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO Africa . A new global study commissioned by Ciena , has uncovered just how ready business professionals are to collaborate in the virtual world .

According to the findings , 96 % of the 15,000 business professionals surveyed across the globe recognise the value of virtual meetings and more than three-quarters ( 78 %) say they would participate in more immersive experiences like the metaverse versus current tools , such as video conferencing .
In this regard , we continue to cover articles in this edition of the magazine that address disruptive technologies and how CIOs can adopt these technologies to increase acceptance of virtual meetings .
Gracing the cover of this month ’ s edition is Arshad Hassim , Group Chief Financial Officer , Aurum Institute , who explains why the institute has streamlined its technology to execute even more efficiently against its strategic mandate . enable us to deliver on our Digital Transformation journey , which in turn will support our Aurum subpartners , as well as the expansion of our African and foreign entities . Beyond this , we have been able to reflect on gaps in our business processes and how to improve knowledge management . It is important to us that we always ensure seamless business knowledgesharing and transfer .” You can read more by turning to page 50 .
Elsewhere in the magazine , we look at how CIOs can use disruptive technology to focus on continuously improving their IT products and services to the betterment of their organisations . You will find this feature on page 34 .
As usual , we have all your favourite features , opinion , insight pieces and analysis articles from the African continent . You can also read daily news updates on our website at www . intelligentcio . com / africa /.
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“ The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP has enabled Aurum to transform and automate its business processes and consolidate its technologies , thereby streamlining the entire organisation ,” explains Hassim .
Once again , I would like to wish you a great month . Enjoy the read !
Among the many insights , Hassim shares that : “ We plan to roll out HR and build on a platform that will
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