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Colocation and wholesale services , collectively known as multi-tenant data centres ( MTDCs ), form a key and growing part of the data centre world , serving customers from a broad cross section of the global economy – from microbusinesses to large enterprises and regional IT services firms to global content and hyperscale infrastructure providers .

The rapid growth in demand for MTDC services is a testament to the value that they offer regarding fast time to market , rich connectivity options and an assetlight leasing model .
Global MTDC capacity by available power grew 62.4 % in the five years through 2019 , a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10.2 %, according to the 451 research data centre KnowledgeBase . By 2024 , 451 Research projects global MTDC capacity to expand by an additional 35.2 %, when it will have exceeded 32 gigawatts of electrical power available to customer IT systems . This is comparable to the total electricity needs of a midsized country such as Spain or the average consumption of California .
The mushrooming of data centres has attracted attention to the growth in their resource consumption , however . In recent years , both regulators and the public have become more curious about the environmental impact of popular online services such as streaming videos , browsing content-rich social media and playing online games . Although the world ’ s largest technology companies invite the most scrutiny , general awareness of data centres and their environmental impact is growing fast as a result , raising the environmental standards expected of MTDC partners .
In the coming years , major technology players and their data centre providers will need to answer questions about their sustainability practices and demonstrate they do everything within their power to improve . IT vendors and cloud service providers are instrumental in bringing about a world economy that is gentler on the environment by improving efficiencies in virtually all industries , which includes enterprise IT . p
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