Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 74 | Page 23

INFOGRAPHIC spans multiple jurisdictions makes managing the attack surface harder .
Yet a quarter ( 24 %) are still mapping their systems manually and 29 % do so regionally – which can create further silos and visibility gaps .
• More than a third ( 35 %) only review / update their exposure monthly or less frequently
• Just 23 % review risk exposure daily
• Keeping up to date with the ever-changing attack surface is the top area organisations struggle with p
“ IT modernisation over the past two years was a necessary response to the ravages of the pandemic , but in many cases , it unwittingly expanded the digital attack surface , giving threat actors more opportunities to compromise key assets ,” said Bharat Mistry , Technical Director at Trend Micro . “ A unified , platform-based approach is the best way to minimise visibility gaps , enhance risk assessments and improve protection across these complex , distributed IT environments .”
The study also revealed that over half ( 54 %) of global organisations don ’ t believe their method of assessing risk exposure is sophisticated enough . This is borne out in other findings :
• Only 45 % have a completely well-defined way to assess risk exposure
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