Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 74 | Page 75

FINAL WORD are or what device they ’ re using , resulting in a smoother experience .
How can an organisation build a Zero Trust network model that mitigates increased cyberthreats ?
Trust is a journey . As businesses try to migrate away from typical security set-ups , knowing what to trust outside of their network parameter is an important factor . That ’ s why we are starting with our core functionality which is called Zscaler Internet Access . This allows organisations and individuals to access the Internet , cloud services and private applications without making them publicly available . Our aim here is to replace VPN setups . Similarly , Zscaler Private Access ( ZPA ) is a cloud-delivered , Zero Trust network access service that provides secure access to all private applications , without the need for a remote access VPN . So , ZPA is a VPN alternative that ensures the network goes dark for everyone , preventing any lateral movement . On the next phase in building a Zero Trust network model , businesses should be implementing deception technology , app to app segmentation and cloud security posture management . So , at the start there are a couple of basic steps every organisation should implement around Internet and private access , and many more to consider thereafter .
Following common trends and the businesses you serve , what is a frequent problem you notice when it comes to cloud solution adoption and what do you think businesses and organisations should be doing differently ?
As many companies are on their Digital Transformation journeys , the most significant objection we come across is changing the status quo . Change is not easy and there are a lot of hearts and minds to win over , especially when altering a security setup . On one hand , you ’ ve got the operation teams wanting to give everyone a great experience with utilising services . On the other hand , you ’ ve got the security teams that want to make sure everything is locked down . So , it ’ s a matter of pleasing
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