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Motorola Solutions to supply nationwide network for Senegal ’ s emergency services across the country can trust that they will receive clear communication in the moments when they need it the most .”

The ASTRO P25 radio system will span more than 100 sites in Senegal . Motorola Solutions will also provide 24 / 7 technical support and maintenance .

The Government of Senegal , through the Ministry of the Interior , has awarded Motorola Solutions a contract to deploy a nationwide secure and resilient communications ASTRO P25 radio network to modernize public safety communications in Senegal .

This new network will improve public safety by streamlining communication between
Senegal ’ s police , fire , ambulance and other emergency services and will reduce emergency response times .
“ Our investment in this state-of-theart communications network will help to improve citizens ’ safety ,” said Antoine Felix Abdoulayer Diome , Minister of the Interior in Senegal . “ By modernizing our technology , emergency services
“ The ASTRO P25 network will enable Senegal ’ s emergency services to work more closely together , ensuring each agency has greater visibility of broader operations to enhance public safety ,” said Patrick Fitting , Head of Sales , Middle East , Africa and Central Asia at Motorola Solutions . “ The new network will also bring significant economic benefits to the country via extensive sub-contracts and employment opportunities for Senegalese companies to support the system ’ s installation and ongoing maintenance .”

Nokia and UNICEF partner to bridge the digital divide in Senegal

Nokia has announced a new collaboration with UNICEF to bridge the digital divide by helping to improve digital education and training in schools in select parts of Senegal , West Africa .

This activity is in line with Nokia ’ s enhanced Environmental , Social and Governance ( ESG ) strategy , as well as Nokia ’ s commitment to advance digital skills .
Nokia is focused on the role its products play in solving some of the world ’ s most pressing challenges , using connectivity and digitalisation to restore stalled productivity , provide inclusive access to opportunity and relieve pressure on the environment and natural ecosystems .
“ Nokia plays an important role in bridging the digital divide by providing connectivity to unconnected and underserved communities ,” said Nicole Robertson ,
Vice President , Environmental Social and Governance at Nokia . “ Connectivity , when coupled with digital skills , creates greater opportunity for employment , access to education and healthcare and participation in the digital economy . I am therefore delighted to announce Nokia ’ s partnership with UNICEF to advance digital skills and coding for children and young people in Senegal .” The project with UNICEF Finland and UNICEF Senegal will involve teachers , as well as students in underserved areas in Senegal . The focus will be on digital education and training activities so students can develop their digital skills , including coding .
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