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Cloud solutions offer many benefits , but they also introduce new security risks .
Technical debt can be classified into two types : intentional and unintentional . Intentional technical debt is when a company knowingly takes on debt by non-delivery of modernisation , regardless of the risk or consequences of this action . Unintentional technical debt occurs when a team is unaware of the trade-off they are making or is unaware of the consequences of their actions . management , as well as on-going security monitoring and management .
Professional services have a critical role to play in Digital Transformation , helping businesses to leverage new technologies and improve their operations . Whether it ’ s developing new digital products , improving customer experiences , or streamlining business processes , professional services can provide the expertise , guidance and support needed to achieve the desired outcomes .
Risks of not modernising
A good example of a company that failed to modernise its scheduling systems , relying on outdated technologies , was Southwest Airlines . When its systems recently failed , the airline couldn ’ t return to business and more than 15 000 flights were cancelled , with hundreds of thousands of passengers left stranded .
This largely as a result of executive management repeatedly not approving the spending to modernise their systems – something that could have been avoided if the airline had modernised their scheduling application and made use of external profession services . We need regulations and more accountability or we could experience more catastrophes like this .
Technical debt
Technical debt is largely due to management not spending the money they should and banking it as ‘ savings ’ or ‘ value ’. This is essentially kicking the can down the road , same as not going to the dentist or not servicing your car . When you eventually pay , it costs a lot more . This ‘ debt ’ is not reflected on a balance sheet and we believe it should to highlight to shareholders and investors what the potential future revenue consequence is .
No company – big or small – can continue to rely on old technologies – this is known as incurring ‘ technical debt ’. It is the cost of maintaining and enhancing legacy systems over time – refusing to transform to the cloud . The fact is , the longer this is postponed , the larger the technical debt becomes and the more it will cost to address in the future .
Time to transform
The demand for professional services in ICT has never been higher and it is now an essential part of any business strategy . These services are provided by skilled and knowledgeable professionals who understand the intricacies of the latest technologies and can help businesses to make the most of their ICT investments .
Businesses can mitigate risks and ensure that cloud transformation is delivered smoothly and efficiently . Professional services help to ensure that the technology solutions are aligned with the overall business strategy , reducing the risk of wasted investments and helping to achieve the desired results With the help of trained technicians , businesses can resolve technology issues quickly and effectively , reducing downtime and increasing productivity . Technicians can also provide advice and guidance on how to optimise technology systems to achieve better performance and cost savings .
Managed services
As technology becomes more complex and businesses look to reduce costs , managed services are becoming increasingly popular . Managed services provide businesses with a flexible and costeffective way to outsource technology management , freeing up internal resources and allowing businesses to focus on their core operations . From network management and security to application support and data management , managed services are becoming an essential part of any professional services strategy .
In conclusion , professional services are essential for businesses to succeed in today ’ s rapidly changing technology landscape . With the help of skilled and knowledgeable professionals , businesses can ensure that their technology investments are delivering the desired results and that they are protected against cyberthreats .
Whether you are looking to implement new technology solutions , resolve technology issues , or improve your cybersecurity posture , professional services can help you to achieve your goals and stay competitive in today ’ s fast-paced business environment . p
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