Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 74 | Page 35

FEATURE : AI looking towards Augmented Reality , intelligent process automation , preventive maintenance , conversational agents , prediction and forecasting , worker productivity and computer vision , as well as deployment of AI in ESG . All these areas deal with business operations and services , customer experience and social obligations that allow for an organisation to perform better in the rapidly changing world and be future ready .”
Monteiro said the Middle East has seen a surge in Digital Transformation in both its private and government sectors . In the midst of this all , Artificial
Intelligence has found itself to be a hotly discussed topic in both business and government sectors , despite facing many hurdles .
According to a report published by PwC , Artificial Intelligence is estimated to contribute US $ 320 billion to the GDP of the Middle East by 2030 , with the UAE leading with an estimated 13.6 % contribution to GDP , followed by 12.4 % in Saudi Arabia , and 8.2 % in the GCC .
Mostafa Zafer , Vice President , Data , AI and Automation , IBM MEA
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