Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 74 - Page 37

FEATURE : AI that align with business priorities will result in a real competitive advantage . Having customer-centric goals is also essential and can increase the value of the products or services offered , enabling resiliency and business continuity ,” he said .
Vishal Soni , Technical Product Manager , Alteryx , said deploying AI tools – or any IT solution – without consideration for change management can result in failed adoption and wasted budget .
“ To succeed here , business leaders need to bring their employees along on the AI journey with them . These leaders need to reinforce the ‘ what ’ s in it for me ’ factor of AI . Namely , that it helps workers automate the manual and repetitive parts of their day-to-day work and frees up their time to focus on the work that people are best at ,” he said .
“ Powerful technologies , like AI and Machine Learning , will usher in new and competitive risks and prospects , with unlimited possibilities .
“ The future of AI in the Middle East is expected to be marked by increased adoption and implementation across various industries and sectors . Governments in the region have announced initiatives and investments to promote the development and use of AI ,” he said . p
Vishal Soni , Technical Product Manager , Alteryx
According to Saliba , the Middle East sits on the cusp of major shifts , underpinned by ambitious growth roadmaps , new technologies , and a drive to foster knowledge-based economies . He said as the region continues to upgrade to smart and digital infrastructure , it will prompt new models of business , services , and act as a driver of economic momentum .
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