Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 74 - Page 43

COUNTRY FOCUS : CAMEROON on rollouts video ranches with nicast

would phone our headquarters to report the situation and eventually get the order to intervene . We lacked responsiveness ,” said Yamcheu .
This lack of efficiency eventually led Yamcheu to spearhead a bank-wide project focused on automating manual tasks with digital solutions . The first priority was to upgrade the bank ’ s video surveillance system .
Accessing live video with less bandwidth
“ We were most impressed with the proposal from Sanuna Technologies ( ISS Cameroon ), the systems integrator that represents Genetec Inc in Cameroon . The Security Centre unified platform was highly recommended for video surveillance and other valuable functionalities . These included maximising our storage capacity to retain video longer than six months and the ability to access all video cameras from the control centre . The system ’ s ease of use was also a critical element that helps our operators manage incidents as they happen ,” explained Yamcheu .
According to Yamcheu , he met with video surveillance specialists to discuss an ambitious project . He wanted to build a control centre at the bank headquarters in Yaoundé . The plan would enable staff to view real-time video from any bank and even zoom in on the details of any situation .
The solution ’ s ability to reduce the banks ’ bandwidth requirements was even more appealing .
He added that : “ The Security Centre supports a variety of cameras . These include the most advanced models that compress images and consume less bandwidth .
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