Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 76 | Page 19



By using technology to facilitate communication and collaboration , we can create a virtual workplace that is as productive and engaging as a physical one says Yesh Surjoodeen at HP .

As leaders take action to reenergise their people and organisations , the most forward looking see a larger opportunity to reimagine their organisations ’ identity , how they work , and ultimately , how they grow in an increasingly complex and evolving environment .

The pressure to get back to normal has been building for some time now – spurred on by the lift of pandemic restrictions across the globe . Leaders operating in this post pandemic world are now tasked with invigorating their workforce in an increasingly winner-takes-all business environment while navigating through the new hybrid work set up .
In this current reality , hybrid working enabled by our advanced technology have become the new normal , and businesses are facing unprecedented challenges when it comes to managing their workforce effectively .
While many companies may think that investing in the latest technology or tools is the solution – and they are not completely wrong – the key to futureproofing an organisation lies in taking a human-centred approach to the transformation of the workplace .
At the heart of this approach is the recognition that people are the most important asset of any organisation .
With staff increasingly working at least a few days per week from their homes , coffee shops , or on the go , hybrid models have dramatically changed how we work and interact with each other .
The workforce is more diverse , geographically dispersed , and technologically connected than ever before . To meet the needs of this evolving workforce , we need to focus on creating an environment that fosters collaboration , innovation , and engagement .
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