Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 76 | Page 23

To derive the maximum possible benefit from a surging digital economy , vital government decisionmakers must act to ensure that it is allowed to continue its proliferation , while also balancing important considerations in the exchange of digital goods and services , property rights , network access , data usage , equipment and protocol standards , and even human rights .
Source : Charting Economic Opportunities in the New Digital Paradigm by BCG . p the next 3 – 5 years , the digital economy is engaged in a winner-takes-most race in terms of global economic impact and dominance .
This fact is evident in how parts of the world where the digital economy is concentrated are driving influence over global technology standards . Only a half dozen countries file most technology patents each year . These standards will not only drive the future of the digital economy but also determine who exerts the most influence over it . Additionally , the growth of the digital economy raises the risk profile of critical national assets . Defending against a new generation of threat vectors requires a completely new way of thinking about security .
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