Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 89 | Page 2

The MarTech OS for your Profitable Growth

Transform Your Growth with Netcore : Optimize Engagement , Enhance Onboarding , and Boost Cross-Selling Efforts
Convert Traffic into Leads : Reduce your customer acquisition costs with Netcore ’ s full stack platform . Engage high-intent users through optimized omni-channel strategies , providing a gamified experience on your website and crafting personalized journeys from the first touchpoint .
Streamline Onboarding and Activation : Expedite customer activations and facilitate seamless account setup and product education . Ensure smooth onboarding by guiding your users within your app . Prevent funnel drop offs with actionable insights . Drive first transactions efficiently with interactive AMP emails
Enhance Cross-Selling Opportunities : Increase your customer lifetime value and portfolio size by leveraging tailored omni channel strategies for cross-selling and up-selling . Our innovative approach ensures you make the most of every customer interaction , driving sustained growth and profitability .
Enhanced Cloud Security with Customer-Managed Encryption Keys : Netcore ’ s Bring Your Own Key ( BYOK ) capabilities allow you to use your own managed keys to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data in cloud environments . Ensure compliance with regional regulations by retaining control over the keys used to encrypt your data , even when stored in cloud environments . Reduce the risk of data threats and insider threats and ensure compatibility with existing security frameworks .
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