Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 35 | Page 31

////////////////////////// I n contact centre environments, for example, there is great interest in moving to cloud or hosted IT infrastructure, as well as other innovative new technologies to boost efficiencies and to deliver a better customer experience. Unfortunately, however, during the process of integrating new solutions and applications into existing contact centre processes, many businesses fail to make a smooth and ultimately successful transition. Arguably, this is because the focus during integration is placed on the new technology, instead of placing the emphasis on the unique needs of the business and its employees. The result? In most instances, such an approach will make little to no difference to the existing customer experience or business processes, leaving decision-makers in a situation whereby they question the wisdom of investing in the new technology. A dismal outcome and one which is sadly all too common in an era in which technology is sold as an ‘easy fix’ for sluggish business performance. Yet by embracing a few key principles or ‘rules’ so to speak, businesses can work with technology partners to ensure that every new IT integration is a success – and delivers the all-important ROI. Here are four steps to translate integration into enhanced business performance: Clarify your intent or vision For any process of change or improvement to work, the business leaders and managers must have a clear idea of what it is they are trying to achieve. Within contact centres, there is often an impulse to integrate new technology without truly understanding why or how the new technology will deliver value. The first step is therefore to identify the current challenges or weaknesses within the contact centre environment and develop a vision of what the end result of integration and introducing new technology will look like. It is important to emphasise that there is no single technology that can deliver everything that is needed to transform the business processes. Instead, by working with a trusted partner, businesses should identify technology that “ Jan Kühn, Director at INOVO FOR ANY PROCESS OF CHANGE OR IMPROVEMENT TO WORK, THE BUSINESS LEADERS AND MANAGERS MUST HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF WHAT IT IS THEY ARE TRYING TO ACHIEVE. can improve upon and support specific areas within existing business processes. That is why it is imperative to understand the intent or the vision behind any integration, and then build the ‘ideal’ process from the ground up. Identify your champions of change The next step is to identify the ‘champions’ or leaders within every department and rally INTELLIGENTCIO 31