Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 35 - Page 53

CASE PROFILE STUDY development of technology skills in Africa by offering ongoing cloud training programmes for employees. What do you see as the biggest cyber threat facing organisations in Africa? What technologies are you looking to invest in? Brands are made and ruined by cybersecurity and beyond that the unethical use of information. Cyber criminals are increasingly sophisticated so we (individuals, companies and governments) need to be aware, vigilant, have sufficient protection and knowledge from a legal perspective. Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. How do you see the technology landscape evolving over the next few years? What are the main IT challenges in Africa at the moment? As rapidly if not more so than it is today; it will become even more commoditised and scalable with the value manifesting itself in how to better enable customers in all industries. In one sense no different than anywhere else, but in another very different because of the relative economic impact it can make for the better, developing world-leading skills in technology. n WE ARE WORKING CLOSELY WITH AWS TO NOT ONLY SERVE OUR CUSTOMERS, BUT ALSO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY SKILLS. INTELLIGENTCIO 53