Intelligent CIO Africa Issue 61 | Page 51


MultiChoice views itself first and foremost as a customer experience organisation . Today , the company serves around nine million customers in South Africa and over 21 million customers across the African continent .

Getting to the heart of great customer experience
At MultiChoice , everyone , right from the group chairman to the call centre executive has customer experience on their minds . Over the last five years , the company has been on a continuous improvement journey to improve its customer support capabilities . “ We had to differentiate between customer service and customer experience ,” explained Brendon Emmanuel , Senior Manager – Programme Management , MultiChoice . “ These two terms are used interchangeably but are fundamentally different . With customer service , the customer expects you to know how to do your job . Customer experience ( CX ) means that we go one step beyond what the customer expects . We ensure that the customer journey is simplified , that they don ’ t have to repeat themselves and that their issues are proactively addressed .”
The team at MultiChoice posed a very straightforward question to itself : “ What can we do better for our customers ?” Ultimately , the answer to this boiled down to providing its customers with the same experience across all customer service channels – in other words , delivering an omnichannel experience .
Roland Naidoo , Head of Operations , MultiChoice , said : “ My team and I realised that when a customer contacts an agent , whether it ’ s a human or digital interaction , they ’ re looking for consistency , a quick turnaround time and the right answer every time . Omnichannel was the best way to achieve this .”
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