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2014 became the first company in Southern Africa to commission more than 25 SAP modules .
The implementation of SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud is part of Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp ’ s process of replacing its legacy SAP ECC system , to support its key business objectives , including to be more costeffective , and to support its move into producing higher value goods . While the Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp team explored multiple solutions , they were impressed by SAP ’ s vision of its public cloud .
Rob Coombe , Group IT Manager at Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp was looking for a replacement for its legacy SAP ECC systems . He explains , “ We sought a replacement and did extensive research , looking beyond the SAP landscape .”
SAP ’ s Public Cloud impressed the Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp team and SAP S / 4HANA Cloud was identified as a best fit for the manufacturer . Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp opted for the Public Cloud option of SAP S / 4HANA to support its end-to-end business processes while aiming for cost savings across the business .
Justifying the decision to select SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud , Coombe points out that the platform has benefited from the large amount of development work that has helped it mature into an attractive business proposition .
SAP application landscape
SAP S / 4HANA Cloud , public edition is a ready-to-run cloud ERP that delivers industry best practices and continuous innovation .
It allows organisations to :
• Run with industry best practices by applying preconfigured processes that are ready to go .
• Build your own breakthroughs by reshaping business models and redefining work on the fly .
• Grow without limits by adding customers , markets , and products without adding complexity .
• Go live with confidence by using proven guidance to deliver speed and agility .
SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud also offers a broad range of standardised and best-practice processes , for supply chain , finance , sales , sourcing and procurement , manufacturing , asset management , human resources , industry-specific solutions , research , customer service , IT management .
The platform provides a modern UX that boosts productivity and integrates with popular collaboration
Snapshot of benefits
• One of the factors for success around deployment of SAP S / 4HANA is usage of best-practice processes , which meant the manufacturer could implement without any requirements of customisation .
• By keeping the core clean through standardised processes for finance , administration , procurement , the implementation allows time and resources for higher-value activities .
• SAP S / 4HANA is enabling Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp to add solutions , from sensors in the field measuring moisture content to improving warehousing .
• Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp has also set out to relook at the entire process of innovation across the business .
• The modern cloud architecture allows activation of new processes and capabilities when needed , as well as scaling down of underutilised processes .
• Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp is using SAP S / 4HANA Public Cloud to run everything from schools to roads to refuse to sugarcane production .
• The manufacturer is making extensive use of SAP technologies to run end-to-end business processes , including SAP Analytics Cloud , SAP Intelligent Agriculture , SAP SuccessFactors .
tools such as Microsoft Teams . Low-code development capabilities further enable business users and nondevelopers to create the differentiating applications , mobile apps , and automation capabilities they need .
Implementation roadmap
One of the contributing factors for the success around deployment of SAP S / 4HANA for the manufacturer is Royal Eswatini Sugar Corp ’ s use of best-practice processes and templates . Its significant usage of best practices meant that the manufacturer could adopt SAP S / 4HANA without any requirements of customisation .
“ There was nothing about our business needs that differentiated us to the point of needing more customisation . We adopted the standard processes offered by S / 4HANA Public Cloud , leaving us free to spend time and resources on areas of the business where we do want to differentiate ,” explains Coombe .
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